Twin Falls Sheriff's Office to enforce parking at Centennial Park

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) For people planning on going to Centennial Park in Twin Falls, there's something new to be on the lookout for.

Lt. Dan Brown with the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office talks about parking at Centennial Waterfront Park (KMVT).

The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office and the Twin Falls County Parks and Waterways Director Rick Novacek announced Monday that beginning Monday, June 24, people who park in the trailer only parking stalls without having a trailer or boat will be given a citation and possibly even towed.

Lt. Daron Brown talked with KMVT about the issues they've seen recently.

“This is a small park, and it gets a lot of use, it’s surrounded by a lot of community, it’s really close, and it’s a beautiful park for people to come down to and recreate in and unfortunately it's only so big,” Brown stated.

Cars who ignore the signs will be given a $100 citation and if they continue to park there, they could end up being towed at the owners expense.

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