Twin Falls Superintendent reacts to latest budget request

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — The Idaho superintendent of public education is pushing the Idaho Legislature for a budget increase to help fund Idaho's education system.

Image of Brady Dickinson, Twin Falls School District superintendent.

The request from Superintendent Sherri Ybarra seeks an 8 percent increase in state funding for schools, specifically to help give Gem State teachers an increase in salaries.

Twin Falls School District Superintendent Brady Dickinson says most of the funding increase in Ybarra's budget request would go to the fifth career ladder, which is a new pay structure for Idaho teachers. He says the new structure is a real step forward and will help attract the best teachers by offering a competitive salary.

“You know the other area that we're all focused on right now obviously is school safety and security,” Dickinson said. “And I know that in Superintendent Ybarra's budget request there is money to increase safety and security within our school systems. That's another area that I think is important, and hopefully that's something the legislature will continue to fund.”

Ybarra has requested close to $19 million from the State Legislature to fund safety in Idaho schools through an initiative called Keep Idaho Students Safe, or KISS for short.

KISS would allocate funding to train school personnel on responding to mental health signals displayed by students.

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