Twin Falls bookstore thriving in spite of rise in e-book popularity

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Driving down Addison Avenue, drivers may have driven past the Paperback Bookworm.

Started in 1970 by Jo Gordon and Neta McClain, the bookstore has been in the same location for almost 50 years.

Sandy Poulson, the managing partner, is also McClain’s daughter, and explained how the bookstore came to be.

"Jo had seen a similar bookstore in Boise that interested her so they went through all their neighbors and friends and gleaned books to open the bookstore up,” Poulson stated.

Manager Sue Irish explained that they trade and sell books, which sets the bookstore apart from others.

"Most of the people bring me in a grocery bag of books, and walk out with a grocery bag of books. Because what they brought in, has traded for at least half, of what they're walking out for,” Irish explained.

And while they've seen some change in business since e books became popular, they're not too worried.

Because people like Maxine Shropshire just like the feel of a good old fashioned book.

"I love just feeling the books and seeing and holding them,” Shropshire explained.

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