Twin Falls drone exhibit on KMVT front lawn

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Drones are a new technology that's changing the perspective of images from the air.

Community members were exposed to them early Tuesday in the KMVT community room. The presentation was hosted by Reeder Drone Solutions and the Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

Drones are growing in popularity among individuals and commercial businesses. The purpose of the expo Tuesday was to showcase how drones can be utilized within the community. Tuesday’s demonstration highlighted the newest heavy lifting drone in action on the KMVT front lawn.

"Where we have multiple drones, where we can do some amazing things with agriculture, we can do stuff with videography and real estate. Those are some of the things we are really focusing on right now with helping the community and helping people fill the needs a drone can fill,” said Chief Drone Pilot Jared VanderKooi.

Here in the Magic Valley, drones are beneficial to agriculture because it allows a look at crops or livestock from the air. Reeder can create Orthomosaic maps for farmers to pin-point diseased areas, growth issues and monitoring irrigation systems.

Drones need proper registration in Idaho and pilot courses are available. They are categorized as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and operators are asked to fly with caution and avoid areas where they could become an interference. An example of this would be to not fly a drone near a wild fire, as it can be problematic and dangerous.

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