Twin Falls first responders compete for 2nd annual Kettle Standoff

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Saturday the doors at Walmart in Twin Falls were surrounded by lights and bells, as the police and fire departments faced off in a holiday showdown.

"We're out here today for the second annual kettle standoff," said chief of police Craig Kingsbury. "Twin Falls police vs Twin Falls Fire Department trying to raise some money for the Salvation Army."

There's always a lot of banter between the two groups, but this year a lot of the smack talk was about doors.

"Last year we let them have the grocery side," said Battalion Chief Ron Aguirre. "I think that's why they edged us out."

The Salvation Army switched the doors this year, but that didn't stop sabotage attempts from both sides.

"We maybe have taped some crime scene tape down there," Kingsbury said. "They're bringing sparky the fire dog up here to herd people down there."

Both teams said the pranks are all in good fun.

"We have a lot of comradely with our brothers and sisters over on the police side," Aguirre said.

After the police took the title last year, Kingsbury and Aguirre upped the stakes on the competition.

"The winner gets to choose a set of pajamas, onesie type pajamas for the loser to wear at the next city staff meeting," said Aguirre .

"There's a lot of talk about the pink rabbit from "A Christmas Story," There's talk about Chewbacka onesie pajamas," said Kingsbury.

Chief Aguirre, for one, didn't seem nervous at all.

"I think Chief Kingsbury is going to look great in his pajamas," he said.

Even with all the playing around, the event raises a lot of money.

"Last year we raised a little over five grant total, and we're going to try to get over that today maybe $6,000.," said Kingsbury.

All the money raised will stay local.

"This money will go to the Salvation Army right here in Twin Falls to help people from all over the Magic Valley," Kingsbury said.

Something the friendly rivals can agree, they'd like to see more of.

"I'd really like to see this event happen for years to come," Aguirre said.

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