Twin Falls man gets approved to sell firearms from his home

Daniel Corsini said it's only his side business.

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Planning and Zoning approved a Twin Falls man's request two weeks ago granting him rights to sell firearms out of his home.

Daniel Corsini will be able to run a federal firearms licensed transfer and armorer business from his home on Highland Lane. He said it's only his side business.

Corsini wasn't the first home to get approved for that particular business as the planning and zoning commission approved similar home occupations last year August, and in March, 2019.

Jonathan Spendlove, director of Planning and Zoning said Corsini didn't just get approved to sell firearms from his home, he just so happened to "meet the definition of home occupation in the code. So, it wasn't necessarily to sell firearms it was to run a home occupation from his property," he said.

Corsini said he hopes to storefront his business in the next year. With that said, the home-based business is only temporary.

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