Twin Falls man receives award after helping a child in danger

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office presented a Good Citizen Life Saving Award to a Twin Falls man, after he helped reunite a child who was in danger.

Mike Coonce was presented with the award on Wednesday for his "swift' and "selfless actions."

At the ceremony, Jon McGrath, the child's father told a KMVT reporter that on June 11 then 4-year-old Chance McGrath was riding his bicycle around their neighborhood, what happen next he called it "nerve racking."

"When he didn't come back within 15 to 20 minutes, we knew something was little different he never stays away for that long, so we find his bike in an empty lot." McGrath said.

He contacted authorities and the search continued, at the same time Mike Coonce was traveling to his son's baseball game.

"Heading west down Pole Line and that's when I notice the cars weaving back and forth, I seen a car coming eastbound kind of had to make a decision right away and turn over into traffic," said Coonce.

The child was running back and forth across Poleline Road crying, Coonce used his truck as a safe barrier to protect the child, he then grab a hold of him.

"Told him his parents were going to be happy to see him." Coonce said.

The little boy was reunited with his family and to the child's father, Coonce is more than just a good citizen.

"Mike's our hero. It's a strange sensation being on this side but I couldn't be more appreciative of what Mike did for Chance that day." McGrath said.

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