Twin Falls man sentenced on insurance fraud

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BOISE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — A Twin Falls man was sentenced for insurance fraud following a 2017 accident.

Brian McFadden, 42, was found guilty by a jury on March 5 of insurance fraud. On Monday, McFadden was sentenced to five years in prison, with a minimum of three years. The judge suspended the sentence for four years of probation for insurance fraud. The court will decide on a restitution amount later this month.

In news release issued by Idaho Attorney General’s office said an investigation revealed that McFadden purchased auto insurance on June 5, 2017. Four days later, he filed a claim with the company and stated that he had been in a collision on June 6. The insurance company investigated and found that the accident occurred on June 2, three days prior to the policy's purchase.

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