Twin Falls man talks recovery and loss following deadly Blue Lakes accident

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Dwayne Steiner is on the mend, but he’s without someone very special by his side.

Dwayne Steiner talks about the loss and recovery following a deadly crash in Twin Falls in June that took the life of his wife Maryann and their dog Annie.

“Yeah, I’ll be missing her quite a bit,” he said.

A four-vehicle car crash in June on Blue Lakes Blvd. in Twin Falls sent six people to the hospital, including Dwayne. His passenger and wife Maryann, died a few days later. His dog Annie was also killed in the impact.

“I miss the dogs,” Dwayne said. “I miss Maryann a lot.”

He was recently released from a Boise hospital to continue his rehabilitation closer to home in Twin Falls.

“I’ve just gotta learn a lot of stuff yet,” Dwayne said.

His brother Kevin Steiner has been helping out while Dwayne recovers.

“It’s great to be able to see him every day and interact with him,” Kevin said. “It gives me the opportunity to see how well he improves. Every
week he just gets so much better.”

His family remembers when Dwayne was first put in the hospital. He remained unconscious for several weeks.

“His memory isn’t so good, his short-term or his long-term, but he’s making progress,” Kevin said. “It’s really good for him to be here in Twin, he’s getting to see people that he knows and talk to them.”

The driver accused of causing the accident, Cedric Mitchell, remains in custody in the Twin Falls County jail, facing charges of first degree murder and aggravated battery.

Kevin says he and his family are just ready to move on and focus on helping Dwayne get back to this new reality.

“It’s gonna be quite the challenge once he’s at home,” Kevin said. “To make sure he’s safe and everything’s going well. But really looking forward to him getting back to a normal life and doing things together and having fun.”

For Dwayne, it’s an adjustment.

“It’s just gonna be difficult being home,” he said.

He wants to honor Maryann and the more than 20 years they enjoyed together.

“She was great outside the dentist office,” Dwayne said. “I mean just spending time with her, going shopping. People were always good to her and I just say, 'Thank you.'”

Dwayne tells KMVT he’s not sure if or when he'll get back to his store, Downtown Leatherworks, but he misses it very much and hopes the community will support him and his business when he gets back on his feet.

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