Twin Falls music teacher meets with legislators to celebrate education and offer ideas

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Twin Falls music teacher David Gibson from Morningside Elementary was one a handful of educators who went to Boise earlier this week to talk to legislators.

"I went to Boise and spoke to the House and Senate ed committees about classroom technology, and how I'm using it in the classroom and how it affects how they learn," Gibson explained.

Gibson said one thing he wishes that could be improved is technology.

"I think we need to stay updated on our technology, and it kind of gets expensive to try to do that, and even with our school district doing a good job at maintaining equipment, things still get obsolete and outdated because of the nature of technology," he said.

As a music teacher, Gibson said he doesn't think technology is absolutely needed in his classroom, but it certainly helps, and he uses a lot of it.

"One of the things that I do is I use a couple of online programs that I use in class and I show students how they can rehearse outside of the class using it... It's just a way for the kids to practice music that we're using in class, but they can slow down the music, speed up the music and practice by themselves," he said.

Having technology helps enhance his classroom.

"Some kids don't really like to sing. They don't really like to play an instrument, but they'll be able to listen to something," he said. "If I'm on a Chromebook with them, they'll kind of join in with that, maybe more than they would somewhere else. It's all about trying to get every student engaged all the time."

In Gibson's class, he sometimes has students watch a video and students will write down what they thought of the video and describe it.

Student Danika Collier said she enjoys singing while in music class.

"Sometimes, it's like, kind of hard to describe the video, but it's fun to listen to the music," Danika said.

Another example of how Gibson integrates music and technology is students can compose melodies with their computers and play back what they make.

"One of the biggest advantages to music is that it increases our brain's capacity to learn. It increases our brain capacity to recall information, because it utilizes both sides of the brain simultaneously," he said.

Morningside Elementary has a rotating schedule for music classes, Gibson said.

"Some students get music twice a week on a rotating basis, so we have that advantage where we get to have a little bit more time. But, there are some places in the state where they only get music once every two or three weeks," he said.

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