Twin Falls New Year's Eve ball takes some practice drops

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Just by looking at his truck you can tell David Woodhead has a love for the unique.

"Some people say it looks like a pickle," he said.

Each new year Woodhead breaks out his bright green vehicle to show off one of his other unique possessions: a large metal ball covered in Christmas lights.

"I got it at an auction," he said, "just because it looked cool."

When he bought it David said he had no real plans for it, but in 2002 a wacky idea jumped out at him. He hooked a long tow rope to the bumper of his truck, hauled the metal ball to the top of a grain silo and dropped it.

"I mean it's there! A silo! It's something tall enough to drop it off of," he said.

On Wednesday Woodhead brought the ball to the silo to do a few practice drops in preparation for the big day. The silo is owned by the Twin Falls Historical Preservation Committee, and crowds of people come to see the ball drop each year.

"I think you could easily say a couple hundred," he said.

Woodhead told KMVT there's not traffic control or police involvement, but he tries to be as safe as possible.

"We bring some cones to kind of block the traffic somewhat," he said. "And I, you know, look both ways before I actually go."

While he admits he may not ring in the new year exactly on time, it's close enough for him.

"We may miss the exact stroke of midnight, but we're the authorities down here." he said. "It's midnight when it hits the ground"

In the end Woodhead said the tradition is all for the fun of doing something a little wacky.

"People are dropping all kinds of stupid things," he said. "It's really ridiculous."

If you can't make it to see the ball drop Sunday there's no need to fret. Woodhead is hooking two mounted cameras to the ball this year to record a unique view of the decent.

The drop will take place at the silos just off of 5th south and Shoshone Street, behind the Depot Grill.

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