Twin Falls nonprofits will continue to receive grant funding

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Nonprofits from across the city of Twin Falls went into the City Council meeting Monday night nervous that council members were voting to get rid of the city's Municipal Powers Outsource Grants.

KMVT's Morgan Rumpf met with city grant writer Mandi Thompson to get more answers.

Mandi said the Municipal Powers Outsource Grants or MPOG are not going anywhere.

"I do think they walked away after the comments from the council, I think they got a better sense that the conversation was about the future of MPOG, but not so much the future of whether or not the funding will continue to exist," Thompson said.

The grants were an item of consideration brought forward by the Twin Falls City Council to revise the application process.

"Once they're deemed eligible to apply, then their application is forwarded to City Council for review,” Thompson said. “It's at that point that I think the council would like something that I think would allow them to score those applications and kind of really look at the merits of those applications, and see how well each of those organizations fit within the strategic plan."

MPOG is funded by taxpayer’s money and has been in place since 2003. These grants give money to nonprofits that provide a service for the city.

"It’s to look at our strategic plan, and become familiar with our strategic plan, and make sure they fit within that plan. And show us how you link to the plan, and show us how your work and what you're doing in the community actually helps us further our mission and what we're trying to accomplish as an organization," Thompson said.

The city's strategic plan focuses on where the city wants to be by 2030. The potential new process would separate those who simply qualify from those who qualify and are deserving of the money.

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