Twin Falls prosecutor on 'refugee rape' case: Truth is not a cover up, just reality

KMVT File Photo of Grant Loebs
KMVT File Photo of Grant Loebs(KMVT)
Published: Aug. 11, 2016 at 2:58 PM MDT
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What follows is a story produced and written by the CBS affiliate in Boise, KBOI. It shows how other journalists in the region are following and tracking this ongoing Twin Falls story.

As the story about a young girl in Twin Falls being raped at knife point by three Syrian refugees continues to circulate, officials from Twin Falls decide to step forward to clarify some information.

Twin Falls County prosecutor Grant Loebs made an appearance on the Nate Shelman Show on KBOI 670 to address the concerns people have surrounding what Loebs has repeatedly called a mostly-false news story.

Loebs explained at the time of the story coming about that there was no knife, no gang rape, and no Syrian refugees.

In fact, no adults were involved in the case.

Instead we're told three boys ages 7, 10, and 14 are charged with some sexual crime (not rape) against a 5-year-old victim.

The boys are not Syrian, according to Loebs. Rather, they are Iraqi and Sudanese. Whether or not they are refugees has yet to be confirmed.

Many people believe the facts of this case have either been covered up or distorted in order to push an agenda regarding refugee resettlement.

In the interview, callers asked about Loebs's opinion on issues of citizenship, refugee status, and deportation is in the voting booth, not in his office.

He says his job is to hold people accountable when they break the law in Twin Falls County. Which, Loebs adds, is being done in this case. He says the boys are charged with the harshest crimes possible given the facts, and that has nothing to do with their religion or nationality.

"I wouldn't charge these three with anything different if they were Jews, or if they were Presbyterians, or if they were Mormons or Catholic."

He reiterated that no one is twisting his arm on this, and this case is being handled the same as any other.

"There is not a human being on this planet who can put pressure on me to do anything, because nobody is my boss other than the voters of Twin Falls County," Loebs said.

Although the case is sealed, Loebs says the public will probably be informed when the final results come results come out.