Twin Falls seal coating to cause traffic delays

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The city of Twin Falls will be applying chip and slurry seal coats to roads and motorists are asked to be prepared for detours and delays.

The city applies the chip and slurry seals to the roads in the summer to extend the life of roads and minimize long-term costs.

Chip seal is applied by spraying a heavy coating of asphalt oil onto the roads, then covering it with rocks, packing it with rollers to add a new protective layer.

Slurry seal is what you're used to seeing when the road is coated with a very thin new layer of asphalt.

A chip seal is applied when the pavement deterioration is greater than what a slurry seal is designed to correct.

The lists and maps of where sealing will take place can be found on the city’s website.