Twin Falls street treating surprises some

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Twin Falls residents may have been surprised to find their streets getting treated on such a sunny day Thursday. That's because the city doesn't typically apply brine, or what's better known as de-icing chemicals, on the days where precipitation is expected. It's used more as a preventive measure for bad road conditions, when precipitation or a storm is expected.

"I know a lot of residents probably say us out putting a de-icing agent on the road today," said city of Twin Falls, Public Information Officer Joshua Palmer. "It may seem a little strange because there's not a lot of snow and it's clear skies. However, we do expect some precipitation coming this weekend, and so the de-icing agent is a preventative measure. We need to get that down before the snow falls, and before the ice accumulates."

Palmer goes on to say that the city encourages residents to be cautious when driving during a storm and to remember it never hurts tot give yourself a little extra time to get yourself to your destination.

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