Leaders in Learning — Twin Falls teacher makes 'calm area' for students to relax

Terilyn Victor received the money to build the area with money from Cap Ed.
Terilyn Victor received the money to build the area with money from Cap Ed.(KMVT)
Published: Oct. 4, 2019 at 5:14 PM MDT
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Terilyn Victor, a second grade teacher at Rock Creek Elementary in Twin Falls is giving her students a safe space to calm down when needed.

A lot of times I think, people don't realize that kids have a need to express themselves, sometimes they don't have the ability to communicate how they're feeling,” Victor explained.

It started with Victor applying for a grant with Cap Ed Credit Union, to give her students a place to relax.

“Giving them a spot to be able if they're worried or angry, or just not feeling well or whatever to kind of regroup, reboot their brain, and be ready to come back to the learning area,” Victor stated.

The kids named it the "Calm Area," and it has everything a little kid could want when they need some alone time.

“The kid tent allows for privacy, because sometimes people need that time to process and regroup, with not everybody looking at them. There's squeeze balls, clay, I've added some other things in there like drawing paper, because not everyone calms down the same way. There's books, there's building things behind the tent that they can go and grab,” Victor explained.

And so far, it's been a hit.

“We've talked about possible scenarios of what might be a reason we would visit that particular area, but they have all loved it, and have been just so thrilled to have it. I've had kids already start to use it. And it works very well,” Victor stated.

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