Twin Falls transportation master plan meetings continue, identifying problems to improve roads

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Twin Falls City continues to meet for their master transportation plan.

The topic of Tuesday's meeting included talking about traffic on intersections and trying to improve busy roads along with those that are starting to get busy.

Civil Science, the consultant with the Transportation Advisory Committee, said they also talked about plans going toward 2040.

"We also talked to them about the future traffic, the future estimated traffic counts for those roadways," said Project Manager Rob Ramsey at Civil Service.

Ramsey said they are also identifying busy intersections and streets, "dealing with those issues and trying to identify potential opportunities or alternatives to... address the congestion."

The agenda for the next meeting at the end of January will have a discussion about sidewalks, bicyclists and pedestrian movement.

The meeting will be held in the new city hall.

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