Twin Falls ups recycling cap

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Back in March, KMVT reported that Twin Falls city was sending recyclable materials to the landfill if it costs more than $100 per ton. Now, the city will be adjusting that cap to $175 per ton.

Utility services supervisor Bill Baxter said the new fiscal year budget allowed the city to raise the cap.

Over the past few months, officials have been monitoring the amount of recyclables going into the recycling stream.

"The cost at that time was about $170, $160 and so under those conditions, we were sending the recycling material to the landfill, because we couldn’t pay $175 a ton to recycle," Baxter said.

With the new budget, it will allow them to have the cap at $175 per ton.

"Beginning Oct. 1, all recycling material will go to the recycle stream. That brings back an issue that we have had," he said of recycling streams being contaminated.

He said it will be a community effort to keep the recycling streams clean.

"Don’t put things in there that can’t be recycled. If you have a doubt, throw it away, call us if you have questions. Those are the things we could do to make it better, because if we don’t get the contamination out, the price of processing will stay high," he said.

Baxter said plastics No. 1 and No. 2 can be recycled. Cardboard can be recycled as well, as long as there is no food residue on them. Throw away lids to containers and if when recycling a plastic that's category No.1 or No. 2, the top of the container needs to be smaller than the bottom.

Paper and aluminum cans can be recycled, however glass and yard waste cannot.

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