Twin Falls woman grateful after 2 good Samaritans provide life-saving efforts

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A Twin Falls woman is grateful to be alive after two good Samaritans helped her during a time of peril.

On Oct. 18, Marie Dewitt went through a diabetic attack, causing her to have convulsions and muscle spams, ultimately injuring her right leg.

The same two employees from Elite Restoration were assigned to work on her home.

"I knocked on the door, walked in the house, announced ourselves and Mrs. Dewitt was laying on the floor, she had a diabetic episode, low blood sugar," said Tim Condon, an employee with Elite Restoration.

"It was a little different, kind of spooky," said Joseph Eldridge. "We walked in the door and the first thing I hear, 'Joe, I can't feel my feet,' I didn't know where she was," said Joseph Eldridge, an employee for Elite as well.

Tim and Joseph called paramedics and comforted Dewitt as much as they can before medical service arrived.

After the incident, Dewitt said the men stayed in touch and even built a ramp in front of her door.

"I just thanked God that they were here," said Dewitt. "I tell them all the time, they're two angels sent from God to help me, because I wouldn't be here today without them."

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