Two Blaine County nonprofits compose letter to show support for Latinx community

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BELLEVUE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Two Wood River Valley nonprofit organizations are coming together to show support for the "Latinx" community.

The Hunger Coalition and the Alliance of Idaho wrote a letter, asking businesses, city and county leaders as well as other organization to get involved. "Latinx" is a gender-neutral term for Latinos.

The letter starts with, "We are standing up for fundamental American principles of fairness and justice in support of our immigrant and refugee friends, neighbors and co-workers," Naomi Spence, a staff member with the Hunger Coalition said the letter stemmed from national events targeting the Latinx community.

"The shooting in El Paso and then straight into mass immigration through ICE," Spence said.

The letter was sent to multiple parties and Spence said they did get a response from community leaders and organizations, ranging from Bellevue, Sun Valley, Ketchum and Hailey.

"Everyone listed on that letter has received the letter, given us their feedback and we've made final edits and they've seen that letter and then they have asked to be listed as supporters," she said.

Spence hopes the message will get across and gain more support from other parties. The letter also states, "Many of our Latinx friends and neighbors across the country are terrified —regardless documentation status. We stand and work together to help build safe, just, and welcoming communities for all."

"That community is becoming more isolated and fearful of what is, not necessarily what's happening here in Blaine County, but nationwide," Spence said. "Is that energy going up here. And so we felt it was important to rise now as allies of the Latinx community and stand up what is happening. It's not OK here in Blaine County."

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