Two Kimberly High students bring women empowerment conference to community

KIMBERLY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Two Kimberly High School students brought together women of all ages for a Girl Power Conference on Saturday.

Shania Vega,17 and Alibelle Hopkins,18 invited educators from the
Magic Valley to talk about women empowerment as part of their senior project.

The event was held at Kimberly Middle School with keynote speaker Liyah Babayan. Both of the girls incorporated human rights and young girl empowerment topics.

“In November I went to a conference like this and I found it really inspiring. I wanted to bring it here for people in my area to get the word out,” Vega said.

The conference was broken down into four sessions ranging from women in leadership, self-image, presenting feminism, and healthy relationships.

Among the speakers were Michelle Schutt Vice President of student services at the College of Southern Idaho, Boys & Girls Club Site Supervisor Emily Kuka, Presient of the Women in Business Club at BYU-Idaho Isa Hopkins, and Kimberly High School Counselor Jolene Nannini.

“I decided to do this conference with Shania to empower woman and to take a stand and just to believe in themselves,” Hopkins said.

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