Two dead in murder-suicide at Wendell event center

Published: Aug. 4, 2017 at 1:28 PM MDT
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UPDATE: A police report identifies who was responsible for killing another man before the man killed himself at the Portuguese Hall in Wendell.

According to police reports, Tony Sousa from Wendell shot and killed a worker at the Portugues Hall before turning the rifle on himself.

The report outlined how Sousa had been worried about the construction at the building and appeared to be on the verge of snapping.

On Friday, Aug. 4, KMVT reported murder-suicide at the Portugues Hall with two people dead. At that time, the sheriff's department did not release who was responsible for the murder.

Now, the police report outlines the details of the case, naming Sousa as the shooter.

ORIGINAL STORY: Friday, Aug. 4

Two people are dead following an apparent murder and suicide at an event center in Wendell.

Agencies received a call around 11 a.m. Friday after someone reported finding a dead body. When law enforcement arrived they found two victims at the Magic Valley Portuguese Hall.

The Gooding County Sheriff’s Shaun Gough said the victims are Tony Sooza, 56, and Augustin Napal Donu, 34. One of the victims was from Mexico and does not have family in the area. The sheriff’s office is not releasing which one was the aggressor.

The sheriff’s said there is no danger to the public. He told KMVT the agency’s investigation is complete and has been handed over to the coroner.

One of our reporters on scene spoke to neighbors who said they were shocked something like this would happen here.

Darla Harley and her husband were in their home across the street when the wife of one of the victims knocked on their door and told them to call 911.

They said they tried to help the woman stay calm and relay information to police, and kept her at their house for about an hour before she went home with family.

KMVT will update the story as we learn more.