Two guns found in four days at Boise, Idaho Falls airports

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BOISE, Idaho (CBS 2) — Two guns have been found in four days at two Idaho airports in the last week.

Two guns found in four days at Boise, Idaho Falls airports. (Courtesy TSA)

The Transportation Security Administration said Tuesday that an officer working at the Idaho Falls Regional Airport found a loaded Taurus 9mm G2C semi-automatic handgun July 5 on a passenger headed to Las Vegas.

The gun was loaded with 12 rounds of ammunition.

On Monday, TSA says an officer found a loaded Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 mm in the carry-on luggage of a passenger headed to Chicago. That gun was loaded with five founds of ammunition.

In both cases, when the TSA officer saw the image of the firearm on the x-ray screen, airport law enforcement was notified. The travelers were interviewed and the weapons were confiscated. The incidents have been referred to the Bonneville and Ada County prosecutor’s offices respectively for review.

“These two firearm discoveries a few days apart should serve as a reminder to all travelers to check the contents of your luggage prior to coming to the airport to ensure you don’t bring prohibited items to the security checkpoint,” said Andy Coose, TSA federal security director for Idaho.

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