Upgrades coming to Burley trout pond

BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Renovations and improvements at a trout pond in Burley go on, despite a recent string of hazardous winter weather.

A plan to drain and expand the Burley trout pond at North Freedom Park is being carried out even in the face of frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall from this weekend's winter storm. In fact, the headboards of the pond have already been pulled out, in order for the pond level to drop low enough for a pump to be installed to finish the draining process of the pond. Community organizer Richard Kicklighter told KMVT what his ultimate goal is for the completed project.

"To make a place that is safe for families to bring young children to come out here and experience catching really large trout," Kicklighter said. "If you just talk to people that fish this pond, they will tell you there's no small trout coming out of here."

Kicklighter also there will be a fundraiser held Feb. 23 to raise donations for the pond project, and if anyone would like to donate or find out more information about the fundraiser to contact Burley City Hall.

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