Vader Fire burns 400 plus acres near Stanley, Twin Falls man recalls evacuation

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STANLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A type Two Incident Command Management team has been called to manage the Vader Fire, which has burned more than 400 acres after breaking out 14 miles northwest of Stanley on Friday afternoon.

Mark Owsley

A Twin Falls family archery shoot trip was cut short after crews needed everyone to evacuate the area.

Mark Owsley with family members were attending the Idaho State Bow hunters Jamboree near Stanley on Friday when they were ordered to leave the premises because of the fire.

"There was just a big cloud of black smoke just behind the archery ranges," Owsley said.

Owsley and his family members left the ranges and headed to Stanley.

"We stayed for a couple of hours and thought we drive back and see if it was safe to get our stuff," he said.

An official allowed them to go back and pack up their belongings but the family had to act quick because the flames were moving in closer.

"We barely just got through it," Owsley said. "Because when we were driving though there. the fire was maybe 100, 150 yards off the road and I think I was the last truck because they shut down all the roads."

As of Sunday, the fire is 5% contained, and actively burning and heading south toward Vader Creek. Forest Officials expect Highway 21 to be impacted and possible road closures due to smoke and heavy traffic.

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