Victim of Twin Falls stabbing speaks out, wishing for help

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - A little more than two weeks ago, Philip Wolff allegedly stabbed Shamae Patchett in Twin Falls at her house, ending up in the hospital with wounds to the neck and in stable condition.

Patchett said Wolff came to the house just to hang out, like they always do.

"He just came over to conversate. It was just normal.He came over to talk and not what I was expecting at all," she explained.

On Nov. 11, the Twin Falls Police Department responded to a call, discovering Patchett with multiple stab wounds and she stayed in the hospital for four days.

"There were two cuts in my neck, and they had to cut in between the two to do surgery" she said.

She said she had staples in several different places and had stitches on her fingers.

While the attack was happening, she recalls the adrenaline she had.

"There was so many different stages. First, I thought 'What? What's going on?'" she continued. "Then my response was 'oh get away,' and then after I couldn't get away, it was pleading, crying and then I wanted to give up."

She said she stopped fighting back and was not sure exactly what happened, but said, "In a way, he let me go, because he got up off of me and at that moment, I ran away."

Following the assault, she ran to her neighbors across the street.

"He came and saw me in the hospital, which was unexpected," she said of her neighbor.

Now, Patchett goes to counseling two times a week and is still out of work. She said she just started her job the day before the assault. Currently she is still employed, but on medical leave, not entirely sure when she will be back.

"I never thought something like this would ever happen to me," she said.

Patchett said following this attack, she learned to not trust people easily and has anxiety.

"I guess it's just my lesson to not trust and not be so... I've done a lot of nice things to a lot of people," she expressed.

Although Wolff is in jail with a $1 million bond, she is still concerned and has not stayed at home.

"Everybody always says, in a tragedy, you realize who your real friends are," she said on a positive outlook. "It's a real positive thing to know who your friends are."

Patchett said her sister found out about what happened, and created a GoFundMe page to assist in getting Patchett back onto her feet.

"When you have no income, it becomes more stressful," she expressed.

In the midst of the holiday season, she hopes to have as much help as she can.

"You don't plan an injury. You don't plan to get hurt. It's not like you want to be like this," she said.

Patchett said one day, she would want to give back to all that has helped her out.

"I would love to give back to the community in some way, but I don't know how yet. But, someday I'll find something," she said.

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