Visible boxes of trash can attract thieves

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - After opening presents, boxes are left and thrown away. The Twin Falls Police Department said putting boxes outside where they are visible can be advertising.

"Every Christmas we do get some break-ins. We get break-ins at businesses," said Sgt. Ryan Howe.

Some people might not think about the consequences when leaving empty boxes that belonged to valuable items.

"We look at it more like advertising," he said. "People know what's in your house when you leave the box to a 55" big screen TV."

Jim Nutter is one homeowner who takes precautions.

"Nothing gets put out until the day of the garbage pickup and it doesn't get put out until hours before," Nutter said.

He knows the risks and he thinks of every situation.

"That is a possibility that people will be looking in that can and figuring out what you got, and we wouldn't want that to happen," he said.

Nutter said he never fills the trash container to the brim either.

Marc Williams was visiting Twin Falls from Salmon, Idaho and he had another idea too.

"Cut them up, keep them down inside so nobody can see what you got. That might help a little bit," Williams said.

Homeowner Chris Hulme had some toy boxes stick out of his trash container and he said he wasn't really thinking of the possibilities it could lead to. However, he said wasn't that worried.

"I don't really get much activity around here. I hope nobody would try and get in and steal anything," he said.

Authorities said it's better to just be cautious.

"Just keeping that advertising from happening maybe makes your house a little less enticing than a house that maybe has those things and boxes outside," Howe said.

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