WATCH: Javelina caught speeding in Arizona

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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Spend any time in the Southwest and you are bound to run into a pack of javelina.

A javelina was spotted sprinting on a street in Tuscon, Arizona. (Source: KOLD/The Damion Alexander Team)

What may surprise you is the beasts run a lot faster than you think.

One javelina is going viral after Damion Alexander shared a video of it on Facebook running near East 22nd Street and Kolb Road in Tucson.

For those from other parts of the country, a javelina is neither a pig nor a boar.

Javelina, also known as collared peccary or musk hogs, are herbivorous (cacti, insects, fruits and seeds) animals found in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and south all the way into Argentina.

Javelina usually live in herds with eight to nine members. According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, javelina have lived up to 24 years in captivity, but the average life span is closer to 7 to 8 years.

One of the most distinctive aspects of javelina is the odor they put off. The smell is similar to a skunk and you are more likely to smell a herd coming long before you see or hear them.