Walker Center provides resources for Magic Valley residents overcoming addiction

GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Fighting addition is no easy task.

"Addiction is a huge problem everywhere nationally, obviously it is, and it's not just opioids; it's lots of other addictions," said Dr. Reid Lofgran, a physician with the Walker Center in Gooding. "We know about 1 in 10 Americans have an addiction to some substance."

The U.S. Congress has been seeking ways to cut down on the number of American's addicted to dangerous opioids

"Rural areas are more at risk than urban areas," Lofgran said.

Federal funding has gone to places like the Walker Center to help people recover.

"I can think one particular client" know three little girls, his wife, thinking about divorce because he's been on opioids you know off and on, off and on, for several years,"said Michael Anthony, a counselor with the Walker Center. "He's been able, even today, to stay clean and sober. I saw him just a couple weeks ago and he's telling me that things are going great."

There are resources available from Twin Falls to Gooding that provide new skills and a safe environment for someone with addiction.

"Remember when you think here's somebody's struggle, said Walker Center CEO. "Really think here's the recovery and the possibility for a long life with joy and happiness."

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