Warm temps making some trees and shrubs bud early

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) These warm temperatures are playing tricks on our plants.

Some fruit trees and roses are already starting to bud.

The nursery manager at Southern Idaho Landscape Center said this doesn't normally happen until March.

“The plants are definitely at least a month ahead of where they were this time last year,” said Bill Merritt. “This time last year we still had quite a bit of snow on the ground. Everything was still locked up tight, bud-wise, on trees and shrubs, and now everything’s getting excited and ready to go.”

If you're seeing this in your garden he said to treat it like you would in March.

That means insulate your roses and apply dormant oil to your trees.

If the buds have already broken there's not much you can do besides to just hope the temperatures don't dip below 25 degrees.

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