Washington family offers reward that could lead to driver responsible for crash

BLISS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) An uncertainty lingers from a Washington man's family after he was involved in a car crashed in November 2018 on Interstate 84 near Bliss.

The uncertainty is not knowing the person responsible for the crash and the family hopes the community can help and provide more information.

On Nov 17, Idaho State Police sent out a statement that they were looking for witnesses that could help identify the driver of a light colored truck. A toolbox fell from the truck and Ron Goodman's car crashed into it.

Goodman was traveling to Arizona according Goodman's daughter, Kourtnie Suarez. She said the day of the incident they were celebrating her daughter's birthday.

"It was an off duty firefighter who called and told us that Ron Goodman had been in an accident and we can hear my dad in the background yelling 'I can't see, I can't feel my legs' and immediately we were all panicked," Suarez said.

She said the crash left Goodman with significant injuries.

"Both of his arteries and his legs were severed, his legs were completely crushed. He had three skull fractures, he had a fractured pelvic bone. At that point they just flat out told us that they're not even sure he's going to make it." she said.

Goodman eventually went through about 22 surgeries, Suarez said. At the time of incident she spoke with a witness that was trying to help her father.

"There were multiple witnesses that said they seen the truck however that they didn't think of that time to get the license plate they just immediately rush there to help out," she said.

Suarez said her father has been looking at the bright side and is going through physical therapy. With the help of the therapists and family members he was able to take a few steps with braces on.

The family said they have received an outpouring support from the community and her father's employer who funded their trips during his surgeries.

She said her father is a positive individual and continues work hard to recovered from the incident, but his insurance is depleting and Suarez hopes that people would come forward with more information to find the driver responsible of the crash.

"We're trying to offer a reward to somebody anybody who has information leading to the person, maybe they have insurance, if they did have insurance then maybe their insurance can kick in and help," she said. "None of us were prepared financially for this to happen."

KMVT reached out to Idaho State Police regarding this case and an official said they're always looking for information, but investigators handling this case didn't get back when this story aired on where this case currently stands.

If anyone does have more information about the incident you can email Kourtnie Suarez at tpsjmomma@gmail.com or Idaho State Police Regional Communications Center South at 208-736-3060.

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