Wastewater plant expands onsite sodium hypochlorite generator

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Twin Falls Waste Water Department will soon expand its sodium hypochlorite generator to meet the needs for water usage.

“It’s more like your household bleach,” said environmental engineer Jason Brown. “What it does, it provides a residual in the drinking water system and helps to disinfection.”

The current generator stands at 100 pounds. A salt solution or brine is pumped through the cells which are electrically charged, which then break down water and brine and generates the hypochlorite solution.

The solution is then stored in tanks and then injected into the water systems.

“We want a 200-pound generator that provides us the capability to keep up with the summer demands,” Brown said.

The current generator hasn’t been replaced since 2008 and Brown said they will use the 100 pound generator at another location.

“We’re reusing it at another station that only has a 75 pound generator so we’re actually increasing our ability to generate more hypochlorite around the city,” Brown said.

The generator will be installed mid to late April.

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