Water Resource Board expects to shatter last year's recharge efforts

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Idaho Water Resource Board expects to set new recharge record for Snake River Plain. They released an update on their progress earlier this week.

The board said they could recharge up to 370,000 acre-feet of recharge this winter. Last year water workers put 317,000 acre-feet of water back into the aquifer.

Recharge program workers have already recharged more than 220,000 acre-feet of water this year. The board's goal is for 250,000 acre-feet per winter.

"We are way ahead of schedule," said Wesley Hipke, recharge program manager for the board. "We have two-plus months left in the recharge season."

The recharge effort is still benefiting from a robust winter in 2016-17. Thanks to excess water in reservoirs many canal companies and irrigation districts have been able to pump water into the aquifer in the fall and the winter.

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