Wearing blue for law enforcement

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT) - Blue may be just another color to many of us, but to law enforcement, it means a lot more.

Idaho State Police are wearing blue bands to remember the fallen police officers in the Dallas shooting

A week after the Dallas shooting, people are wearing blue across the country and here in the Magic Valley to remember the five police officers killed while protecting people who were exercising their right to free speech. It is called Wear Blue Thursday.

Wearing blue also supports all law enforcement who work hard and sacrifice their life to protect other people’s lives.

"We try to prepare officers for the unlikely event of something like that [Dallas shooting] happening and we do it through training," Twin Falls County Sheriff Tom Carter said.

Idaho State Police Captain Ismael Gonzales says it’s unfortunate that actions of some can hurt so many.

“We’re ready to sacrifice the ultimate gift, which is our lives to protect others,” Gonzales said.

Idaho State Police are wearing blue bands across their badges until the end of the month in honor of the fallen officers.

Sheriff Carter says the community support has been remarkable in general. In terms of wear blue day, Carter said, “We’ve gotten an awful lot of activity on our Facebook post so I would say we’re getting good community support.”

Three Dallas police officers were laid to rest on Wednesday and the remaining funerals will be held on Friday and Saturday.

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