Weather blog: It's all relative

Published: Jun. 26, 2017 at 10:44 AM MDT
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There is something truly fascinating about the weather. It’s incredibly relative. What’s cold to one person may be warm to another, and what’s hot to one person may be scorching to another. Frankly, this adds a solid level of difficulty to my job, and how I choose to describe the days forecast. It works kind of like this: I am a huge fan of 90-degree weather. I think it’s great and well deserved after the long and at times never-ending winter we saw. My morning camera operator on the other end thinks 90 degrees simply to hot. It’s all relative.

That’s why when I show you a graphic like the one above, but then tell you highs will be in the low and mid-80s, you may be scratching your head and looking at me weird. Well relative to today’s forecast high of 97, it’s going to be much cooler tomorrow. Now the question becomes why. Well a small upper trough is going to push through the area, and that’ll come with a weak cold front. Normally upper level troughs are intense systems that come with a good amount of instability and are capable of producing some decent thunderstorms. That will not be the case this time. Instead, we will see cooler temperatures Tuesday – Thursday and I expect Tuesday and Wednesday will be on the breezy end of the spectrum.

This actually raises another question. Why is it going to be windy? Well an interesting phenomenon known as “Kissing jets” looks like it’ll set up directly over southern Idaho Tuesday and Wednesday. The term kissing jets is literally named, and therefore rather simple to figure out and understand. When the Sub-tropical jet and the polar jet come together, they essentially kiss. This can create some serious uplift leading to some pretty awesome weather. We see anything like that here in Southern Idaho, as I said I expect we’ll just be breezy for the next couple of days.

This shortwave will push east through the day Wednesday setting us up for northwesterly flow Thursday before upper level ridging pushes in for Friday warming us back up for the weekend.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday, and enjoys the warm, hot, or unbearable weather the day has brought you. Either way I hope you make the best out of the start to the new workweek.