Weather blog: Indian Summer this week

Published: Oct. 16, 2017 at 9:35 PM MDT
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Indian Summer is defined as a period of abnormally warm weather following the first killing freeze of autumn. This past weekend gave southern Idaho its first hard killing freeze of the season. Lows Saturday and Sunday in Twin Falls were down to 24 and even as low as 19 degrees on Sunday. Even with the cold mornings this past weekend we are going to see some unseasonably warm temperatures into the 70s and maybe a few places could flirt with 80 degrees.

This would be defined as an “Indian Summer” and it may not be our last shot of warmer temperatures either. We are looking at seeing afternoon temperatures rising into the low to upper 70s Tuesday through Thursday across Southern Idaho. All the while receiving plenty of sunshine.

Changes do arrive Friday and into the weekend with another shot of cool fall air and of course possible showers, mostly in the form of rain on Friday. We look dry Saturday but cool as we see warmer temperatures for Sunday.