Weather blog: Strong cold front expected this weekend

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) As we are now approaching the official start of Summer, temperatures have been pretty steady in the 80s. It will be getting very warm over the next couple of days ahead of the cold front. Right now, it looks like Friday is our warmest day as we’ll be in the upper 80s and maybe approaching 90° in some locations. While Saturday will only be slightly cooler than Friday, we will still make it into the 80s.

The BIG change comes on Sunday, and you may begin to feel the changes Saturday night as a breeze picks up as the cold front begins to move through. As of right now, the cold front looks to be mostly dry for our area, but the temperatures on Sunday could provide quite a shock to our systems, and you may want to break out that jacket just for one day. We’re talking about a 20° temperature drop or more from Saturday to Sunday with highs only reaching the low 60s on Sunday.

If you don’t like the 60s and love this very warm air that we’ve been seeing, don’t worry…Once again, it will only last one day and we’ll be back in the 80s for next week.

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