UPDATE: 'Welcome to Idaho' sign covered in stickers sells for more than $11K

Earlier in September, KMVT reported on a piece of Idaho culture, the "Welcome to Idaho" state sign along the Idaho-Nevada border, near Jackpot, Nevada, went up for auction. Now the sign has been sold.

Welcome to Idaho Sign up for Auction (KMVT/Jake Manuel Brasil)

The sign is plastered with stickers that tourists and the public placed on it while passing through. The sign went up for bid on a public auction website. The sign sold for $11,200, and all funds will return to the Idaho Transportation Department’s general fund.

You might recall back in July of this year the ITD took down this sign due to the excessive amount of stickers that were being placed on it by the public and tourists.

That sign, now completely decked out with stickers from end to end is up for auction. The space on the border near Jackpot where the sign was placed is now filled with a new sign meant for stickers. The public is encouraged to place stickers on this new sign. This project is all thanks to one maintenance worker who came up with this idea.

"So I came up with the idea of, let’s cut out an Idaho logo sticker and put stickers on there instead of vandalizing the welcome to Idaho sign," Pete Veenstra says.

Now as time continues the ITD plans on auctioning off the sticker filled signs, as they continue to be filled up.

This auction is all thanks to the immense interest from the public, in fact Jessica Williams, the Information specialist for ITD tells KMVT that this project did not come life because they were looking for funds.

"The auction didn’t come to fruition because of the fact that we were looking for funds necessarily, it was really something we did because there was a lot of public interest in the sign. A lot of people found out when we replaced the sign that we had the sicker sign here, and they really wanted to be able to get their hands on it, " Williams says.

The sign is up for auction found at Public Surplus.

And will be available until Sept. 26.

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