What about the plastic? Twin Falls residents ask where they can take items no longer accepted in recycle bins

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Changes to the recycling program in the city of Twin Falls make it so people can only recycle aluminum, cardboard and tin.

The new program that the city of Twin Falls is implementing will only take aluminum, cardboard, and tin. People can still recycle their plastic though. (KMVT)

Many are now worried about their plastic not being recycled.

According to biology processor Randy Smith at College of Southern Idaho, much of it wasn’t being recycled in the first place.

“If you have a plastic soda bottle, it's not made into a new plastic soda bottle, it's made into something else, it's made into carpet, it's made into installation for jackets or fillings for pillows,” Smith said, "so you are reusing that material, you're extending its life, but it's eventual fate is going to be in the landfill."

Residents still have recycling options. Businesses like Magic Valley Recycling, accept some materials no longer accepted in the Twin Falls recycling program.

“We continue to take No. 1 and No. 2 bottles, in order to be considered a bottle the opening must be smaller than the base. And we can take tin cans, aluminum cans, newspaper, and office paper, separate from each other,” said Tammi Eiguren from Magic Valley Recycling.

Recycling is important, but turns out, reducing and reusing is more so.

“For your coffee, use reusable containers," Smith said. "People that like to go to coffee shops, ask those businesses if you can use your own mug. Maybe they'll give you a discount because then they don't have to pay for that cup that you're getting."

Even though the city is now only accepting cardboard, aluminum and tin, caring about the world is as vital as ever.

"It’s very important to recycle. It’s unfortunate the city made changes, and they had reasons for those changes, but it is important to recycle,” Eiguren said.

Smith says recycling won’t be as convenient as before, but it’s still as important.

“People should still be encouraged to recycle," he said. "It's not as convenient as it was with putting everything in one bin with the former single stream."

The new changes begin in twin falls on Oct. 1.

The city of Twin Falls is working on partnering with businesses in the community that will give people a place to put their plastics.

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