Wildlife are migrating from the hills, drivers be aware

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office is warning people about wild life being on the roadways, after an early morning crash that happened Tuesday.

Wildlife are migrating down from the hills and drivers need to be aware in the early morning hours and dusk. (Source: MGN)

This is the time of the year that the animals are moving out of the hills and moving into the populated areas. Animals are not aware of the roads, and they will just walk right out.

The regional communications director at Magic Valley Idaho Fish and Game office says that driving slowly and carefully with lights on is the best way to protect drivers and their cars from hitting one of the wild animals.

“It's just another thing that they would need to cross. Wildlife is pretty unpredictable in terms of their movements,” said Terry Thompson. “A car, a truck, may startle them, and their instinct is to run, so they may run right into you, so just be aware.”

Deer are most active in the early morning and early night time. Those are the two times to be most careful.

“Deer can be very unpredictable, in terms of you don’t know if they are going to jump out at you or not, so slow down, at night drive with your lights on,” Thompson said.

Thompson also reminds people to look down the road to see any potential wildlife that may be up ahead.

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