Winding down of fire season approaches

(KMVT image)

SHOSHONE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Although the summer season endsin September, fire season in southern Idaho will still linger around a little bit longer according to Fire Information and Prevention Officer from the Twin Falls District Bureau of Land Management Kelsey Brizendine.

"Usually about this time of year we start to see our intensity go down, and we start getting fewer fires that are not burning as long or as hot," Brizendine said. "Generally speaking you know we see most of our fires taper off towards the middle of October, and we don't usually see too many fires after the middle of October."

However, Brizendine says the threat for fires is always present and that every year in southern Idaho is just a little bit different.

"You know a few years ago we had fires in January," Brizendine said.

Despite that, the fall is looking promising at the moment for firefighters in southern Idaho.

"This year I anticipate we're going to see the decline, and not too many more fires for the fall."

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