Winter storm disrupts Magic Valley

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Wednesday brought a brutal combination of wind and snow.

Chances are, it made your life a little bit harder, even if you like the stuff.

“Maybe not the wind, but if it were just snow I would have walked home for sure,” said Gamaliel Cruz, who was waiting for his friend to pick him up from a day at work cut short.

Cruz said his boss sent him home because of the weather. Throughout the day, businesses across the valley followed suit, closing early and sending workers home.

School districts made plans for Thursday, knowing these conditions weren’t worth holding the next day of class.

Not everyone was so lucky.

Workers at a local pizza chain made small talk with each other while wading through a heavy load of delivery orders. They hadn’t seen anything like this since ’94.

Cruz had flashbacks to a time a little more recent.

"I think last time I saw anything similar was Thanksgiving last year,” he said. “Then before that... nothing before that."

Temperatures reflected the surrounding environment, and though Cruz said he liked the snow, he could feel the cold and (by his estimates) only four of his fingers. Luckily his friend had just pulled up, ready to drive him home.

Visibility was cut to well below a mile, bad enough for even snow plows to be wary. Though most vehicles on the road were the Idaho staples – heavy-duty trucks, obviously built with four-wheel drive – others braved the roads, too. If a band of good Samaritans couldn’t get them out of the feet-deep drifts, the plows didn’t want to run them over.

By 5 p.m. on Wednesday, whiteout conditions made law enforcement close roads and issue a warning: Don’t travel unless necessary.

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