Winterizing your home for colder temperatures

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) With the temperatures dropping overnight, people should make sure their home is ready for the winter.

Cleaning up your leaves and blowing out your sprinklers are a few ways to make sure your yard is ready for the cold temperatures. (Source: KMVT)

Cleaning up leaves from around the home and making sure to blow out sprinkler systems, could save lots of money when it comes time to turn them back on again.

“Your pipes can freeze when the ground frosts over, so it's best to blow out your sprinklers as soon as you can,” said Nate Adams, from Kimberly Nurseries and Landscaping Designs. “As the temperatures get colder, things are going to freeze in the ground. But also if you haven't turned off your irrigation system, it's probably a little bit too late. Something might have frozen, because we've gotten some temperatures down into the low 20s. But going forward, you're going to want to winterize you're irrigation system, because in the ground, the frost will go down about a foot, six inches to a foot, and those pipes will freeze if you don't winterize.”

Adams says that winterizing a home now is better than not doing it at all, because even if there is some damage, it will be less than not doing it at all.

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