Staying healthy and up-to-date amidst food recalls

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - With all the recent food recalls, how can a consumer stay up-to-date? KMVT took a look into how to keep families safe and healthy and away from those diseases that might potentially come with those food recalls.

File footage from CBS of uncooked chicken

"These companies are well aware of it before we even find out about it. With this typical recall here, Kroger knew about it, they reacted to it, they pulled everything off the shelves," said Jarryd Samples, a food program coordinator with South Central Public Health. Samples is referring to a recent frozen berry recall that might have been contaminated with Hepatitis A.

"There hasn't been any reported illnesses," he said.

Samples said there are recalls being issued frequently. So the best way to keep safe is to be clean.

"Just protect yourself as best you can, either through vaccination, washing your hands and visiting your primary care doctor if you become ill," said Tanis Maxwell, an epidemiology program manager with the health district.

Agriculture professor with the College of Southern Idaho said there is a lot of responsibility that goes on to keeping food safe.

"Food producers are aware that their product is vulnerable and they are very proactive to keep it safe," said Bill Ebener, with CSI.

For every step food goes through, Ebener says those in contact with the food make sure it's still in good in condition. This includes from the producers to processing, to transporting to another location and putting it out on the shelves.

Ebener says that consumers are also responsible to maintain healthy against these recalls as well.

"The nature and the issue of food safety is, at any point in time, whatever can go wrong, could go wrong and I need to be thinking that proactively, I'm going to try and do things to keep everyone safe," he said.

There is an email list to sign up for on the Food and Drug Administration website to get updates on recalls.

"Don't be cooking for a large group of people if you're not feeling well. Be wary of what you're doing, what you're eating and where you're eating," Samples said.

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