UPDATE: Woman in stable condition after stabbing in Twin Falls

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Ron Wallace finished off dinner on Wednesday in his usual way: a cigarette in his front yard.

“I've been here for 12 years, and it's always been a nice neighborhood,” he said.

He looked out at his neighbor’s house across the street, and as he smoked his neighborhood changed.

“The neighbor flung the door open and comes screaming out,” he said. "'Help me. I've been stabbed. God help me I've been stabbed.'”

Wallace said he took action, bringing her to his front porch to try and stop the bleeding that he said covered her from her neck down her arm.

Wallace said she thought she was going to bleed out and die, but he wouldn’t let that happen. He said he put a towel over the stab wounds and called the police. Once they arrived their cars kept the ambulance from reaching the victim, so he and some police officers carried her to the vehicle. She is now in the hospital in stable condition, according to the county prosecutor’s office.

“I just feel that I did what I had to do at the time,” Wallace said. “I don't think I need any recognition or any of that. I just was trying to help a neighbor.”

Wallace said he hopes more people will look out for their neighbors.

“There's some bad people in this town, and I think people know it, and they need to step up and talk more about it,” he said.

Police arrested 33-year-old Phillip Wolff for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The charge is punished the same as attempted murder under Idaho code.

“We don't believe that there is any threat to the community related to this particular incident,” Twin Falls Police Lt. Terry Thueson said, “but I would remind the community to remember that all individuals are perceived to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”

Updated from original:

The Twin Falls Police Department is investigating an apparent stabbing on Wednesday.

Police say a 28-year-old woman is in the hospital with stab wounds to the upper body. They do not yet know the severity of the injuries.

A 33-year-old man is in custody in relation to the incident. They say it's too early to say what charges would be.

The incident happened on the 100 block of Quincy Street just after 8 p.m. on Wednesday.

The investigation is ongoing. Police are not releasing names of the people involved at this time.

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