Women recognized for saving man's life

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FILER, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) On Wednesday the Twin Falls County Sheriff thanked three women who saved a man’s life two weeks ago.

On Nov. 21 Filer High sophomores Madison and Megan Pedrow and their mother Vera Pedrow said they were driving to Buhl for groceries when Madison glanced out the car window and noticed a man who looked like he needed help.

“He was laying on his steps and motioning for help, and everyone was just driving by,” she said.

She told her mom, and the three circled back to help him.

When they reached him, they talked to him and determined he needed to go to the hospital. They called 911 and talked with him until paramedics arrived.

Now the man, Robert Moody, is out of the hospital and recovering from a stroke, but the women say he looks a lot better than when they first ran into him.

“I didn’t recognize him when I walked in,” Vera Pedrow said. “He’s a trooper.”

When the man saw the girls on Wednesday, he said he was so grateful.

“This is the one that got the good eyes?” Moody asked the crowd of Madison. “Thanks a lot. You’re my hero.”

Sheriff Tom Carter awarded all three women with Challenge Coins and Good Citizen Life Saving certificates at the high school.

All three said they were surprised. They said it wasn’t for the recognition. It was just to help someone.

“He’s here today,” the mom said. “We’re so grateful for that.”

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