Wood River High School celebrates homecoming week

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HAILEY, Id ( KMVT / KSVT ) - This week is homecoming at Wood River High School.

Wood River's homecoming football game is against Kimberly on Friday night, but there are numerous events leading up to the big game.

"It is truly a welcome for our community to be a part of the school. It's not just about the high school, but about the community the high school is in," said John Pearce, Wood River High School Principal.

"We've been busy planning the assembly, the dance, coming up with dress up days, and then with all that comes certain little things such as the advertising and just getting the word out there," said Brady Delgadillo, Student Body President.

Delgadillo went to a leadership camp this summer and he's instilling some of the values he learned at this year's homecoming. He says it’s important for all the students to feel included, so this year the student council is providing extra costumes for those students who might be without.

“For example, today was Tie Tuesday, so we went out and got a bunch of ties to give out to students who didn't have any ties or couldn't just go out and buy them. So as a student government we've really been trying to provide more for our school and be more involved with them, and not just force them to go out and do things on their own,” said Delgadillo.

The homecoming parade is on Friday afternoon at 3pm on Main Street in Hailey.

Then the big football game takes place later that evening.

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