Wood River High teams head to VEX Robotics World Championships

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HAILEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Two robotics teams from Wood River High School are in Louiseville, Ky. this week to compete in the VEX Robotics World Championships.

This year's engineering challenge involves designing and building a robot that stacks cones on various goals across a 12-by-12 foot field.

WRHS junior Ethan Wilson demonstrated how the bot generally works.

"(The) mobile goal lift comes out and it'll drive up (to a blue cone) and grab it and lifts it up into the carrier. Then (the bot) is able to drive around and bend over and pick up the (yellow) cones," Wilson said.

He and his partner Luke Dean, also a junior, dedicated many hours into robotics.

"Both teams have spend at least 100 to 200 hours on their robot," Dean said. "Staying after school working some really late hours is very common."

Notable features on their particular design include circular pieces attached to the shaft called potentiometers.

"It allows us to do an auto straightening effect so it'll fight you if you try to push one side down unevenly, and then if you try to lift it up, it will correct the other side as well," Wilson explained.

He also pointed out a gyrosensor at its base.

"It reads the value of the entire robot turning so we can make perfect 90 degree turns within 1 degree area of variance," he added.

In six of the nine years BCB qualified for world's, Griffin Connelly and John Chen became the first freshmen on the team to make it to the world level.

"I'm super psyched about it," said Chen, whose goal is to make it to finals in the competition.

Both teams will represent one of more than 550 of the top high school robotics teams worldwide through Saturday.

"I hope we do well at worlds. I don't expect us to win because that is in my opinion, a bit farther than our reach can go," said Wilson.

"The competition at worlds is pretty tough and we would just like to go there and have a great time," added Dean.

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