Yard sale signs are not allowed in some areas in Twin Falls

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - More yard sale signs are popping up around town with the nice weather, and with that comes its advertisements. The City of Twin Falls said there are certain areas where signs are not allowed to be posted.

Yard sale sign (KMVT/Elenee Dao)

City code states that signs are not allowed in the city's right of way.

"Which in general is 10 feet away from a street pavement. They cannot be on sidewalks, street signs and power poles," said Sean Standley, the code enforcement coordinator.

There are a few power poles around town that have many nails sticking out of them. The city says many of them are from yard and garage sale signs.

"They can have garage sale signs with permission of a private property owner. Garage sale signs need to go up at noon or 12 o'clock the day before your yard sale and must come down at noon or 12 o'clock the day after," he said.

He said these rules are in place because they can create hazards if they are on sidewalks or on the poles.

Sometimes the wind will blow off a sign and it could land on someone's car while they're driving.

"We do have an impound fee. There is a $25 impound fee in order to get the sign back," he said.

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