Yellowstone begins capturing bison to control herd numbers

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YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. (AP) - The capturing hundreds of bison in Yellowstone National Park began Thursday as part of a continuing effort to manage the herd's population in the park.

Park officials planned to capture 600 to 900 bison, which will be sent off to slaughter, this winter.

About 4,500 bison were counted this summer in Yellowstone. Most reside on the northern end of the park and migrate into Montana where they can be trapped for shipment to slaughter or hunted once they exit park boundary.

The practice has drawn opposition. Some protesters have tried to interfere with the capture and slaughter by chaining themselves to chutes at the Stephens Creek holding pen where the captured bison are held and others have broken into the holding pen to let captured bison escape.

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